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Sara Grout’s Pilates Story Favorite Favorite

Sara Grout has been involved in movement since the age of four and has been teaching all forms of fitness since 2002. After working in the fitness industry and running marathons for almost a decade, she developed an autoimmune connective tissue disease, which required her to heal her own body. Through fitness, meditation, nutrition and other holistically-minded techniques, her journey to heal has brought an entirely new perspective into what she teaches and has studied and taught in Australia, Thailand, India, Nepal, Mexico and beyond. She has a wide variety of experiences and qualifications in the health/fitness field, including a Dual Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from San Diego State University. She is a traveling Master Trainer for Club Pilates, where she leads Teacher Training and specialty workshops, instructs on-boarding for new studios, and guest teaches instructors and members across the U.S. Her passion is helping people discover their bodies in entirely new ways and achieve what they might have perceived as the unachievable.