Meet The Team

About Abla

Although she’s a professional opera singer who has sung nationwide, movement, fitness, and health have always played an important part of Abla Hamza’s life. While pursuing a degree in music from the University of North Texas, she completed an AFAA certification and began teaching group fitness. Abla soon realized that she wanted to teach a method that was more mind/body oriented, so she received her first Pilates mat certification through Power Pilates in Dallas, where she taught until 2006. After moving to Philadelphia in 2007 to pursue her singing career, Abla completed her Intermediate Mat certificate with Power Pilates; excited to see the benefits of better posture, strength, and overall fitness, she then completed a 600 hr. Comprehensive Power Pilates (Equipment) Certification at Urbanfront Pilates in 201, as well as a certificate with the Pilates Method Alliance in 2013. She now teaches in the Los Angeles area and enjoys the challenge of a variety of clients ranging from athletes and performers to pregnant clients to clients recovering from injuries. Abla’s teaching style is encouraging and invigorating, and her motto is “You are stronger than you know.”

Learn More About Adam

Adam McAtee was raised in Southern California and grew up playing a wide variety of sports. He was introduced to Pilates at the age of 20 while suffering through chronic lower back pain. Pilates has alleviated his back pain while enhancing his strength, flexibility, posture, and most of all, his body awareness. Shortly after being introduced to the Pilates Method, he earned his Certification in 2009. Adam has worked with an array of students ranging from the average individual looking to tone their muscles to students with severe illnesses. His passion for human movement drove him to seek deeper knowledge. He is now currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science at Cal State University of Long Beach, from which he is set to graduate in 2019. Not only does Adam enjoy sharing his biomechanical knowledge with his students, but he aims to shift their perspective on movement with his light-hearted and caring manner. You’ll often hear Adam encouraging and challenging his classes with messages such as “Exercises don’t get easier, but you have the opportunity to get better at exercises.”

Meeting Ambia

Ambia Phelan has been in the fitness industry for eight years. She's been involved with big-box gyms like Equinox, boutique studios, and is currently running her own bootcamp and online business with her husband Josh. Fitness was her outlet in helping her find a better way to further her health, relationships, dreams, and career. She is now driven to use this same outlet to help others do the same. When she is not coaching, she can be found snuggling her baby boy Adrix, taking long walks with her family, traveling, acting, or nerding out on some book. Ambia lives a full and happy life, and she wants to help you do the same, starting with your health.

Connect With Chris Connell

Chris’ extensive experience as a nutrition provider and top ranked personal trainer at elite sports clubs has provided him with the highest levels of success within the fitness industry! Paired with his lifelong passion and experience as an actor, Chris is best known for his ability to not only push his clients to their physical limits, but to deliver training as a fun and interactive experience.

Getting to know Gina

Gina was born in Northern California but migrated down to sunny San Diego where she has lived for over 20 years. She was introduced to Club Pilates in 2011 while searching for a workout that complemented her marathon training. One of her favorite quotes is "If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it." She really lived by this quote when she discovered the Club Pilates instructor certification program. Gina completed her certification in 2013 and is grateful for all the wonderful changes it brought to her life. As a busy mom, Gina appreciates any time she is able to fit Pilates into her day. Not only does it allow time for herself, but gives her the energy to keep up with her children. As an instructor, she loves it when a client has an "ah-ha" moment in class, knowing she has made a difference in their daily Pilates practice. When not in the studio, she loves to travel with her family and spend time outdoors.

Heidi's Pilates Journey

Heidi Marie Coles is a veteran Pilates Instructor, teaching and managing at a Pilates Therapy studio in Irvine, CA. Heidi first started studying Pilates in college while completing her degree in Dance at California State University, Long Beach. After tearing her ACL while performing at the Disneyland Resort, she was reintroduced to Pilates for rehabilitation. She later completed her certification through Body Arts Science International with Dance Specialization under world-­renowned Karen Clippinger. After a few seasons of instructing, Heidi became Pre- and Post-Natal certified through LiveLife Pilates under the instruction of Leah Stewart. With a dance and acrobatic background, Heidi’s attention to form and detail as well as the energy she brings to each session often leaves her clients feeling encouraged, stronger, and more empowered.

Getting To Know Jasmine Adele

Jasmine Adele has been a Pilates instructor in Orange County for 10 years. Through her private and group class training, she shares her knowledge of Pilates, health, and wellness with her clients of all fitness levels and backgrounds. Part of the LA entertainment industry for many years as an actress and dancer, Jasmine turned to Pilates after sustaining a significant knee injury while performing as a nationally-competitive teen dancer. Not only did Pilates completely rehabilitate her knee unlike anything else, but it also set her up to be fit, more body aware, and stronger than she could have ever imagined. Jasmine received her B.A. degrees in Dance Performance and Sociology from the University of California, Irvine. She is educated in multiple forms of fitness and holds several certifications that include an Advanced certification in the Classical Pilates Method, a Pre- and Post-Natal certification from the Center for Women's Fitness, Bodhi certification from Balanced Body, and her CPT from the National Personal Training Institute. Jasmine believes that Pilates is truly a great way to give your body the mental and physical nourishment you need to live a happier and healthier life.

Face to Face With Josh Phelan

Josh Phelan is a Life Changer (also known as a TRX / Group Exercise Coach) who has worked with busy professionals, CEOs, & professional athletes, to help them close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Josh believes every single person has the opportunity to serve, wants to get better and he understands what it takes to get them there. Josh has worked with 5.11 Tactical for the past four years providing TRX classes onsite for their employees. He has also provided the OC Fair & Event Center with a corporate wellness program for their employees through his business Out of Bounds Training. He holds two nationally recognized certifications through NASM & WITS along with other certifications, and has over ten years of experience in the fitness industry. His company, Out of Bounds Training, won Best Bootcamp in Orange County twice. Josh Phelan has received best Group Exercise Coach in Orange County as well. He has mastered the fundamentals of coaching clients to be their best. He now helps them to develop life-long habits to positively shift the trajectory of their lives through ongoing motivation, accountability, and education.

Talking with Kate

Kate Andrews is a professional dancer and certified Pilates instructor. She found Pilates at CSU Long Beach while working towards a BFA in Dance. She is certified through BASI Pilates with a dance specialization. She enjoys both classical and contemporary repertoire while focusing on challenging her clients. You can find her teaching in the studio or dancing on the stage!

Get To Know Katie

Katie Mann is a mother of two young boys with over 18 years in the fitness and wellness industry. Starting out her career as a exercise physiology graduate of Ithaca College, she continued to rack up certifications in Personal Training, Pilates, Spinning, Peri-natal Fitness and Functional Movement specialties over the years. Seven years ago she started as a trainer at one of the first ever Club Pilates studios, and now owns and operates four locations in the San Diego area. She uses all the tools from her varied fitness background to give clients the maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time... because, as she says, "Every momma has to be efficient to get their workouts in daily!"

Come Together with Matthew

Matthew Comer grew up in rural Virginia and started his career as a dancer in New York City, where he cut his teeth as an exercise instructor. He prides himself on teaching non-fad, skill-based and fun science exercise that yields results which can be directly applied to everyday living. Integration of functional fitness, injury prevention and adaptive exercise are all areas that encompass his fitness sessions. Matthew's motto? "ALL movement is restorative."

Meet & Greet With Ramell

Ramell Taylor played basketball professionally overseas for a year before becoming a youth basketball coach and trainer. His experience conditioning young athletes showed him first-hand how important it is to crosstrain off the court using Pilates techniques and plyometrics. Having since moved into personal training, Ramell's passion is working one-on-one with promising youth athletes, as well as helping motivated adults reach their fitness goals. He continues to influence others to adopt diverse training regimens that bring balance into their fitness lifestyles.

Robyn Cohen's Pilates Favorites

Robyn is an accomplished and multi-talented dancer, choreographer, Pilates, TRX and Yoga Instructor, as well as Magician’s Assistant, who has spent her life following her passions. Robyn received her BFA degree in Dance Performance from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. Robyn began her Pilates training in 2007 and has been certified through Balanced Body University on all apparatuses. In 2009, Robyn was honored to instruct Pilates on Michael Jackson's final tour in preparation for the King of Pop's "This Is It!" She is currently thrilled to be able to share her passion for movement and baseball by instructing and strengthening the LA Dodgers Major League Baseball team. Robyn believes: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

Balancing Fitness and Life with Sara

Sara Grout has has been involved in movement since the age of four and has been teaching all forms of fitness since 2002. After working in the fitness industry and running marathons for almost a decade, she developed an autoimmune connective tissue disease, which required her to heal her own body. Through fitness, meditation, nutrition and other holistically-minded techniques, her journey to heal has brought an entirely new perspective into what she teaches and has studied and taught in Australia, Thailand, India, Nepal, Mexico and beyond. She has a wide variety of experiences and qualifications in the health/fitness field, including a Dual Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition from San Diego State University. She is a traveling Master Trainer for Club Pilates, where she leads Teacher Training and specialty workshops, instructs on-boarding for new studios, and guest teaches instructors and members across the U.S. Her passion is helping people discover their bodies in entirely new ways and achieve what they might have perceived as the unachievable.

Sarah Luna's Goals

A Southern California native, Sarah has an extensive background in dance and Pilates. She enjoys working with anyone interested in learning more about their body and improving their physical capabilities! Her goal is to make unique workouts that cater to each individual and their needs. She currently serves as the SVP of Operations for Club Pilates Franchise, LLC and directed all of the workouts provided on the Club Pilates On Demand app.

Say Hello To Sheri

Sheri Presley was first introduced to Pilates mat work by her high school dance teacher during warmups. It wasn’t until 2012 that she rediscovered Pilates and fell in love. Through her practice, she was able to rehabilitate old shoulder injuries from volleyball and loved how Pilates made her body look and feel. Sheri completed a comprehensive certification in February 2015 and has been teaching Pilates professionally ever since. Her goal is to share her passion of Pilates with people in all walks of life so they too can feel and look their absolute best!